Thursday, June 5, 2008

Animation Forum Workshop: Intro to Painter

Greg, aka Terro, who runs the Animation Forum, has been kind enough to make some top notch video tutorials on Corel Painter. In a recent expansion of the forum, Greg added workshops & virtual studios in an effort to encourage collaborations & such. To help get things started, he is hosting a workshop for painter, and if you have any interest at all I strongly suggest you check it out. Greg is a fantastic artist, and a particular whiz with painter. Right now there are 8 short videos already available, and more will follow. I'll be keeping track of my progress in the workshop here, but I hope some of you will give it a look yourselves & join in, I've learned a lot already & we're just getting started.

It's worth mentioning that you can follow along the lessons with the "essentials" version of painter that ships with most wacom tablets, so you don't need the full version to participate. There is also a 30 day trial of the fulll version available on the Corel site.

Here is my first attempt. The point here was to experiment with a few of the default brushes, create & use a few custom brushes, & get familiar with the program overall. That said there are plenty of problems with the composition of this piece, but that was pretty much secondary for this exercise. You'll see a stark contrast between the soft tones in the background with the harsh, bright wall in the foreground. Regardless, I'm absolutely in love with the brush I made for the wall. :) There are many cool things to do with this program & I'm barely scratching the surface. Let me know what you think & I hope to see you over at AF.

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