Monday, April 30, 2007

TBS Cut Out Tutorial pt 1.... FINALLY!

OK, here is my first attempt at a video tutorial. Throughout the following I will give a demonstration of how to set up a cut-out character using Toon Boom Studio. I'll take an original drawing, and show you how to cut it into pieces, then rig those pieces up much like a puppet so that we can finally set our character into motion. I have brought in most of the elements of my character prior to the tutorial, but I do give an example of how I got them into the exposure sheet from the global library. If you feel like you need some more instruction on the fundamentals, or if you don't quite understand how I got to where I begin the tutorial, please check out Steve Ryan's video tuts, which you can find links to in the TBS forums. They cover TBS from the very basic stuff on, & even though they were done for V 2.0, they still apply in almost every sense.

If this tutorial is any good at all, it should leave you with a basic understanding of cut-out characters, and how to manipulate them. Going hand in hand with that I will touch on the use of pegs in Toon Boom, which are an extremely useful and versetile part of the program. While this tutorial is not dedicated specifically to pegs, I should be able to give a few decent examples of the many ways in which they can be used. Hopefully someone learns something useful here, that is the idea of course. Please leave me any questions, comments or suggestions either here or via the toon boom forums.

The video quality isn't the best, but anyone using TBS should be able to follow it without any confusion, just some lines get a bit messy looking, and for some reason my cursor doesn't retain the shape of the tools I use, it always looks like an arrow. Not sure why, but any time I change tools I say what I'm doing, so you should be able to follow along. Other than that all I'd really like is for it to be in full screen size,... if anyone knows how I can embed it as such please let me know, you can see everything, but full screen would be a little clearer. This may be the best I can do working within the confines of free video hosting but I will keep trying. Anyway, without further disclaimers....

Click here to watch "Cut-Out-Tutorial-pt-1"

I hope it's helpful & logical. That's just part one, more is coming very soon where we will set up peg heirarchy, play with the Z-axis, set pivot points, and finally put our character in motion. Stay Toon'd!


aldog said...

Any way you could put this tutorial somewhere else as well? I can't get the putfile one to load and I really would like to see your tutorial.

Pat the Pirate said...

hey there aldog,

absolutely I can! sorry about that too. I'm not a huge fan of putfile but when I made the tut they allowed for the large file upload & other sites didn't.

I've got a real site that I can host it from now though, & I'm sorry I haven't put this there yet. I'll get it set up this weekend & make a new post. Thanks for pointing it out!

aldog said...

great! that's awesome of you to do. Ya it sucks that there's not more sites like putfile that maybe are a bit better working cause everywhere else really limits size.
thanks for doing that, can't wait to see you're tutorial

Pat the Pirate said...

Aldog, just an update. I uploaded the tut's to my site, I'll post a link later, but I can already tell you I'll only be able to host it for a short while. The files are quite large & ate up a ton of space on my site. But I do want you to be able to see it. I may ultimately have to leave them on putfile & then maybe put them up on my site as well from time to time, space permitting.
Sorry about that, but I didn't want to just not respond. I'll have the link up either tonight or tomorrow for sure though.

aldog said...

cool man, I understand I'll be sure to grab it quick when you post it. And I'll download it to so I don't eat up your bandwidth streaming.

Pat the Pirate said...

It's all good to go, made a new post with the links. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. :)

Josh of Pixelton said...

Hey, this is a great tutorial! The series cleared up a few questions I had that reading step-by-step instructions couldn't.

Many thanks! :D