Friday, February 15, 2008

Some Studies...

Didn't realize how badly I've been slacking on keeping content on here. Sorry about that..., been pretty busy at home & work lately & back in school as well, but I'll try to have fresh content more frequently.

Here are a couple of eye studies, a couple WIP character designs, and a poor attempt at a portrait. Pretty happy with most of it except the portrait. I'll give myself some slack as it's the first one I've tried in probably 10 years or more, but still, even my untrained eye can see it's waaaaaaay off from the reference pic. As a stand alone illustration though it's not that bad, almost looks more like a caricature than a portrait, which would be cool if I had been trying to draw a caricature lol. I'll include the ref pic so you can beat me up more easily. Please fire away with crits & comments, I need them!

Oh & here's a few more bits of classwork, some contour drawings & hatching:

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Updated Link for Cut Out Tutorial

Due to wildly popular demand by upwards of two people, here are new links to the cut out tutorials. Apparently some people have had trouble with the putfile links, so I uploaded the tut to my site. Here's the catch - the new links are going to be very temporary. I'll keep them up as long as I can, space permitting, but the files are quite huge & I can't keep them on my site forever. I will look into other video hosting sites though in the meantime & of course will do my best to keep them available. Hope they are helpfull, feel free to ask any questions. Also it's worth noting that these were done using TBS version 3.5. Everything still applies, but if you're using version 4.0 the interface may look different. Also apologies for the quality of the first one, I think you can still make everything out, but it's litterally the difference between a 20mb SWF file & a 345mb AVI. 345mb?!?!?! yeah.... anyway if the quality suffices I may be able to host them longer than I thought. Here ya go:
*edit* The first part is an swf, second one is wmv. They are both pretty big so they may take a little while to load, part 1 in particular, but they work I checked both.

Part 1

Part 2

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