Monday, August 13, 2007

Cool, Simple Animation Program

OMG two posts in one day!!! Can you tell I'm busy at work? Just found a link someone posted to this cool looking animation program. It looks very basic, but it might be a great starter kit for a kid or anyone new to animation. I'm not sure what it is capable of, but I watched a tutorial(with no speakers) and it looks like a decent blend of simple yet powerful(somewhat).

Basically though it just lets you manipulate simple drawings either by "pinning" them down or by simply pressing a record button then moving your drawings around, then press play. This doesn't add any squash/stretch of course, but it is pretty cool nonetheless. The pinning method looks like you pin down a drawing in various spots (feet & torso in their example) then you can grab one at a time & manipulate it while the other points remain stationary. This does have some squash & stretch involved & the method seems somewhat remeniscent of "pegs" - of a sort anyway.

It also looked in the tutorial I saw like the drawings are put in some sort of box - they are circled with a tool & then a box shows around them, at which time they can be manipulated. I only bring this up because I'm curious if this is some type of "vector box" as that is one of the new features in TBS 4.0. I'm sure they are different, but I wonder if this is a sort of dumbed-down version.

Anyway, check it out for what it's worth, I think it's a neat looking program & I hate myself for using the word neat in a sentence. But maybe a kid in your life has an interest & you don't think he can handle complicated software, well this may be for you :) Here it is: Moving Sketch

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AF - Character Design Challenge 14 - Bisonator

Well this week's character design challenge was a fun one. Bisonator - half man, half bison, all gladiator. I went with a siamese twin/centaur type thing for my design. I'm really happy with the coloring & shading of the human body, but the head in general is weak - especially the mouth. I was kinda outta gas when I got to that point & rushed it more than I'd have liked, & it really takes away from the rest of him. Could've taken more time with the coloring of the bison as well, but I don't hate it. Overall I think this is a pretty good drawing for me, but of course I'd love to hear what you think as well.

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