Friday, April 11, 2008

Homework assignment - Self Portriat

Allow myself to introduce... myself...

This week's homework was a self portrait. I'm pretty damn pleased with it so far, just need to finish the shading at this point. Here are the first & second passes on this WIP. Should only need one more sitting to finish this off. I'll post the final when I do.
The first pass is 4 scans patched together, the second one I got lazy & just took a photo, so it's a bit yellow but you can see the differences I think.

Crits & comments welcome as always.

1st version:

2nd version:


will said...

It looks truly awesome, I think it's your best portaiture that I've seen so far.

Also, your hair is a lot longer than mine.

Pat the Pirate said...

Lol.... I'm pretty sure my hair is a lot longer than most people's. :) Last "real" haircut was May, 1998, when my dean told me to cut it or I couldn't walk in graduation lol... gotta love Catholic school rules... The man the religion is based on wouldn't be allowed to attend Catholic school without a haircut.... hmmm.

Wow - that got off topic quick!
Anyway, glad you like the pic, I'm pretty excited about it & think it's definitely my best effort so far. Feels good when things start clicking.

JK said...

I really like this work, you are making excellent progress in your drawings. And I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Pat the Pirate said...

Thanks Jerry,

As I'm sure you've noticed I haven't animated a damn thing lately, but I think I did right to focus on my drawing skills first. I'm starting to get comfortable enough to where I think I can probably pull off a simple animation, but I know what exists in my head & I know my pencil hand can't do it justice quite yet. But it's getting there.

I really felt I improved with this one, my other attempts were somewhere between portraits & caricatures, which there's nothing wrong with, but it wasn't what I was going for. This one I felt much more comfortable with the proportions & such, & it just seemed to come a little easier, which is a beautiful thing. It's still not finished in my eyes because I think I can really refine this one & make it worth hanging up, but I had to turn it in to my prof so I won't get to finish it until he's done grading & such. I think a bit more volume in the hair & a last pass on the shading to refine contrasts should really make it special... to me anyway :)

Thanks again for the encouragement, I'll have more stuff to show soon.

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ramonwx7 said...

I like your work. So expressive and creative.

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