Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another BG Concept

As you know (or don't) I'm using photo references from my local trout stream for the BG's on my project. When I took the pics, one series was me standing still (more or less) & taking shots as I rotated about 270 degrees or so. I didn't really have the intention of one giant panning BG when I took them, but after reading this thread a few times the idea of connecting the pics was too much to resist.

Since I didn't take them with this purpose in mind, they don't all overlap perfectly, but it's enough to get the idea & I should be able to keep perspective when I paint. Anyway, the intention is for the pan to create the illusion of the viewer turning & looking around 270 degrees. I may go take one or two more shots for the full 360, but this works for now. It will take a while to paint I'm sure, but once done I'll be able to use this BG for the vast majority of my toon, the total dimensions right now are in the range of 11,000 x 2,300 pixels. Each pic was 1600 x 1200 originally, but most were resized or rotated when putting them together.
I'm curious what people think, forgive the ugly camera movement, this was just a quick test. I may tweak the allignment of some of the pics as well.

Here ya go:

Link to fullscreen


Some people have been having trouble viewing the .swf, so here is a QT version that you should be able to see. Not sure what the problem was, but let me know if you can't see this one.

Link To QT Version


Will said...

I see a red shape moving and transforming in size, but no picture. Is that correct?

Pat the Pirate said...

Hmmm.... not quite. Should be less red square & more trees & a stream.... :(

Not sure what's going on here, I got the same results last night using Firefox, but IE was fine on my comp at home. Now at work, using IE again,(older version), I get the red shape. I was thinking it had something to do with FF as I just updated versions at home, but that doesn't seem to be the case as others have said it works for them on FF. When I get home I will play with my export settings, all I did was export as .swf & checked the boxes for including preloader & protecting from import. Would that have something to do with it? If I get better results I'll re-post it, but in the meantime I'm all ears if anyone has suggestions to what the problem might be. For now all I can suggest is trying to view it in another browser :(

I'll try to fix it ASAP.

Pat the Pirate said...

Will, I edited my post & added a link to a QT version of the clip. Hopefully you can view that one without any trouble. Let me know if it still doesn't work, I toyed with some stuff but can't figure out why some people can't see this swf.