Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Nude Life Drawing Session

We had a nude model at class today, he'll be back again next week so this is a WIP. Just tried to get the general form down today, next week I can work on shading & details.

I got a lot from this session, next week if we get have enough time I may ask him to do some quick gesture poses. I'm enjoying the life drawing stuff, but I'd like to do some looser stuff as well. I think some 30 sec to 3 min gestures would be fun.

So here's what I got done today, I made him a little thicker in the waist & legs than he really is, but I think my proportions still fit in with human anatomy, or pretty close at least. Would love any crits & comments as always, I feel pretty good about where this is headed & think I can produce a quality finished product. Here's hoping...

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